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Lesson Transcript

Hey, guys! Welcome to Hebrew Weekly Words. My name is Yaara, and this week's topic might be a little depressing but you know what, we have to talk about it. We're going to talk about 10 Foods that will Kill You Faster.
מנה חמה
(mana chama) "Instant Noodles"
Which we usually call it
מנה חמה
(mana chama)
After the brand. I mean it’s not always noodles, but it’s always bad for you.
It’s actually my sister’s favorite food.
אחותי ממש אוהבת מנה חמה
(achoti mamash ohevet mana chama) "My sister really loves instant noodles."
ארוחות קפואות
(aruchot kfuot) "Frozen Meals"
כשאין לי זמן אני מחממת לי ארוחה קפואה
(kshe'ein li zman ani mechamemet li arucha kfuah)
"When I don't have time, I heat up a frozen meal."
You gotta do what you gotta do.
בשר מעובד
(basar meubad) "Processed Meat"
היום כולם יודעים שבשר מעובד הוא לא בריא
(hayom kulam yodim shebasar meubad hu lo bari)
"Today everybody knows that processed meat is unhealthy."
(margarina) "Margarine"
בעוגיות האלה יש מרגרינה
(ba'ugiot haele yesh margarina) "Theses cookies have margarine in them"
משקאות אנרגיה
(mashkaot energia) "Energy drinks"
I think it’s gross, but people do that, so,
הוא אוהב לערבב משקאות אנרגיה עם אלכוהול
(hu ohev le'arbev mashkaot energia im alcohol)
"He likes to mix energy drinks with alcohol."
Right, it’s a common combination.
(mamtakim) "Candy"
אסור לך לאכול ממתקים לפני ארוחת הערב
(asur lach le'echol mamtakim lifney aruchat ha'erev)
"You're not allowed to eat candy before dinner."
פופקורן למיקרוגל
(popkorn le'microgal) "Microwave popcorn"
That’s so sad because I love it!
קניתי שלוש חבילות של פופקורן למיקרוגל
(kaniti shalosh havilot shel popcorn lamicrogal)
"I bought 3 packs of microwave popcorn."
I don’t care it’s unhealthy!
(chips) "Potato chips"
אני אקח צ'יפס וקולה בבקשה
(ani ekach chips ve'cola bevakasha) "I'll have french fries and a coke, please"
Actually, I’m not sure what you mean by potato chips, but when Israeli say “chips” we mean French fries. When talking about crisps or whatever, we call it by the brand name. We don’t really have a name for that.
קותלי חזיר
(kotley chazir) "Bacon"
Though, we usually say
הרבה ישראלים לא אוכלים בייקון כי זה לא כשר
(harbe Israelim lo ochlim beikon ki ze lo kasher)
"A lot of Israelis don't eat bacon because it's not kosher."
שתייה מוגזת
(shtiya mugezet) "Soda"
הפסקתי לקנות שתייה מוגזת, זה לא בריא
(hefsakti liknot shtiya mugezet, ze lo bari) "I stopped buying soda; it's unhealthy."
Fun fact: When Israelis say “soda”, we mean bubbly water, no flavor, no sugar. But if you want to drink something like Coke or Fanta or whatever, we would call it by the brand name or
שתייה מוגזת
(shtiya mugezet).
So this is the end. I hope you learned something, and that you're going to change your ways. Just kidding! Do whatever you want. If you have an interest in comment, leave it below and don't forget to check out the site. See you next week!


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Tuesday at 06:30 PM
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Which word do you like the most?

Saturday at 11:10 AM
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At 1:08, the sentence is missing the last word "them".

Shelley Goldenberg
Tuesday at 06:36 AM
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Yes, looked it up in morphix-It is not listed as a verb, but as an Adjective. Thank you. It is a new word for me and I didn't know either form. Yes, most body parts in pairs are feminine. Since "beten" is one in humans, I wasn't sure, but a cow does have four.

Hebrewpod101.com Verified
Monday at 11:42 PM
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Hi Shelley,

עצבנית (atzbanit) is the female present form for עצבני - = angry/upset.



Team Hebrewpod101.com

Shelley Goldenberg
Wednesday at 01:38 AM
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Thank you again Roi, I understand the corrections. is "atzvanit" an adjective in your sentence?-"upset" it has the "it" ending.

Hebrewpod101.com Verified
Monday at 10:47 PM
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Hi Shelley,

Good work, yet a few rephrasing is needed -

1. בשר מעובד הוא לעתים קרובות רכיב בארוחות קפואות - in Hebrew, one must desribe waht "is" something... the meat is an ingredient in this case. (מרכיב\רכיב)

2. כשהבטן שלי עצבנית אני שותה את השתייה המוגזת כדי להרגיע אותה - the word 'בטן' = feminine, therefore "אותה".

Upset is translated as עצבנית in this context, כועסת is solely used for "angry".

3. OK :)



Team Hebrewpod101.com

Shelley Goldenberg
Sunday at 10:27 PM
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Processed meat is often in frozen meals. בשר מעובד הוא לעתים קרובות בארוחות קפואות

When my stomach is upset I drink soda in order to calm it. כשהבטן שלי כועסת אני שותה את השתייה המוגזת כדי להרגיע אותו

Microwave popcorn contains to much salt, but I love it too. פופקורן למיקרוגל מכיל יותר מדי מלח אבל אני גם אוהבת אותו