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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! My name is Yaara. They say love is an international language, but what happens when love dies? So today we're gonna talk about 10 Break-up Lines.
אנחנו פשוט לא מתאימים.
(anachnu pashut lo matimim) "We're just not right for each other."
This sentence will work as it is as long as you’re not two women.
In that case, it will be
אנחנו פשוט לא מתאימות
(anachnu pashut lo mat'imot)
אנחנו צריכים להתחיל לצאת עם אנשים אחרים.
(anachnu tsrichim lehatchil lirot anashim acherim) "We should start seeing other people."
They never did. It sounds like an advice. It’s weird.
אני חושב שאנחנו מתקדמים מהר מדי.
(ani choshev sheanachnu mitkadmim maher miday) "I think we are moving too fast."
If you’re a woman and you want to stay, it would be
אני חושבת שאנחנו מתקדמים מהר מדי.
(ani choshevet sheanachnu mitkadmim maher miday)
It’s not necessarily a break-up line though, is it?
Okay, this one is gold.
אני לא מספיק טוב בשבילך.
(ani lo maspik tov bishvilekh) "I'm not good enough for you."
That’s the lamest excuse.
If anyone will ever say that to me, I will just say “Yeah, you’re not.”
This one is, you know what, just straightforward.
אני פשוט לא אוהב אותך יותר.
(ani pashut lo ohev otakh yoter) "I just don't love you anymore."
That was male to female.
Female to male would be,
אני פשוט לא אוהבת אותך יותר.
(ani pashut lo ohevet otkha yoter)
And well, the variations.
אני צריך את החופש שלי.
(ani tsarikh et hachofesh sheli) "I need my space."
You need your space?
אני צריך להתמקד בקריירה שלי.
(ani tsarikh leitmaked bakariera sheli) "I need to focus on my career."
What are you, the prime minister? Whatever!
בוא פשוט נהיה חברים.
(bo pashut nihie chaverim) "Let's just be friends."
That would never work.
And the classic...
זה לא אתה, זה אני.
(ze lo ata ze ani) "It's not you it's me."
That will also, of course, change according to gender.
זו לא את, זה אני.
(zo lo at, ze ani)
זה לא אתה, זה אני.
(ze lo ata ze ani)
And the variations.
מגיע לך יותר טוב.
(megia lakh yoter tov) "You deserve better."
You know what, I do deserve better.
So that was an emotional episode. Thank you so much for watching. If we missed anything, if you want to tell us anything, or you just want to share your feelings, write to us in the comments below. And see you next episode hopefully a more cheerful one. Bye!


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Which phrase do you like the most?

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Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for posting!

We're happy to read that you enjoyed the lesson! 😄😄

Enjoy learning Hebrew 👍



Team HebrewPod101.com

Saturday at 09:59 PM
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Yaara! Awesome comments! I laughed, but also feel very encoured

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Shalom Sunil, Ornella, and נתן,

Thank you for your comments and positive feedback. Great to have you all here.

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אני צריך את החופש שלי.

Whatever! ☺️

Saturday at 01:10 AM
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👍funny lesson 😉!

Friday at 02:53 PM
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The good thing is that the majority of people do have breakups and even singers have lyrics concerning the aspect of love. The heartache and loneliness is there but its only temporary and fades away and even drinking rum is only temporary but the forgiveness and acceptance really helps.

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Hi Frans,

Thanks for posting!

"Megia" is the correct word here, but you aill be understood saying "magia" as well. It's a short vowel here and is actually a rest on the mem, try to see it as "M'gia".



Team Hebrewpod101.com

Frans Haalebos
Friday at 05:09 AM
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Hello team101!

מגיע לך יותר טוב

megia lach yoter tov: shouldn't this be rather 'magia', or am I searching in the wrong binyan?

Thanks for the answer!