HebrewPod101 Pronunciation Curriculum 

In this set of 5 lessons, you will learn the very basics about Hebrew pronunciation. We break down all the sounds to make it easy for you to sound like a native!

PRONUNCIATION Title Topic Function Summary
#1 Are You Practicing for an Opera or Learning Your Hebrew Vowels? Hebrew Vowels Learning about vowels in Hebrew The Hebrew alphabet consists of twenty-two letters, but those letters traditionally didn't
include any vowels. Today, there are vowel signs but they are not commonly used in writing.
#2 The Hebrew Double Agents: Which Sound Was That Again? Hebrew Difficult Sounds Learning which letters can make more than one sound There are consonantal vowels and also consonsants that make more than one sound.
#3 The Hebrew Consonants Hebrew Consonants Learning about Hebrew consonants 22 Hebrew consonants, root system (3 or 4 letters form the root of a word)
#4 When Is a Hebrew Vowel Not a Vowel? The Shva Vowels Hebrew Vowels Learning about special vowels in Hebrew Shva vowel is NOT a vowel but sometimes treated like a vowel.
#5 Don't Be Stressed about Hebrew Accents Stress Patterns Learning to sound natural in Hebrew Stress patterns are very important in Hebrew pronunciation.