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Team Members

avner Avner Peled Born in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Avner is participating in a student exchange program in Waseda University, Tokyo. He is an undergraduate student in Israel studying Consciousness Studies, involving Neurobiology and Philosophy of the mind. In Waseda, he is enriching his studies with various courses in Biology and Philosophy and also with intensive Japanese learning. Avner has many years of experience working in the IT industry as a programmer and security researcher, but in Japan he was happy to add a side-job as a Hebrew writer and recorder. Writing in Hebrew about Israel helps him strengthen is bonds with his home country.
sherah Sherah Haustein - Sherah was born and raised in Montana, USA. When she was growing up she knew that she wanted to pursue a life outside of America, so at the age of 23 she set off for Israel. In Israel, she studied in a Hebrew “Ulpan” for the first year and then went on to study a degree in Non-Formal Education and Musicology at Bar Ilan University in Ramat Gan. At the end of her degree, she met and married Herman and tied the rest of her life to Israel. Sherah is interested in learning new languages, and especially in studying the historical context of how a language grows and changes throughout the centuries. She is very excited to share her love of Hebrew with you.
herman Herman “Amir” Haustein - Herman was born in South Africa. His family moved to Israel when he was just 3 years old and they have been living there ever since. Herman grew up fluent in both Hebrew and English, although he prefers reading and writing in English and speaking Hebrew. Herman has a PhD. in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion in Haifa. He is currently working in a temporary post-doctorate position at RWTH Aachen in Germany, but hopes to return home to Israel in the next year or so.
Tal Tal Eidelman Tal was born in California and grew up in Israel as a native Hebrew speaker. He has a degree in Japanese Studies and Psychology from the Hebrew University, and does research in the fields of Cognitive Linguistics and Psycholinguistics. Being both a language teacher and a language student, Tal enjoys implementing different techniques and technologies in language studying.
Tal Meirav Meirav was born in Israel, raised both there and in Pittsburgh, U.S. and is fluent in both Hebrew and English. Before moving to Japan, Meirav completed her graduate studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, majoring in Jewish Philosophy and History, and is now studying towards her ordination as a Rabbi. Meirav has extensive experience in both formal and informal education, and has taught in a variety of organizations in Israel, the U.K. and U.S.
Yana Yana Odonopozov Yana was born in Estonia and immigrated to Israel when she was 10 years old. Already having an international background, Yana decided to go ahead and learn some other languages so now she speaks Russian, Hebrew, English, Italian and Japanese. She studied at Tel Aviv University in Israel and is currently studying at Keio University in Japan. She is really enjoying being in an international environment so now she wants to work in an international field. She is very glad to be working with the team, and hopes that the listeners will enjoy her work as well.
Lenny Raskin Lenny Raskin Lenny was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. She’s a native Hebrew speaker. After her release from military service, she went on a backpacking trip throughout southeast Asia. After the trip, she became interested in Asian cultures, and went on to study East Asian studies at the university of Tel Aviv. With a great passion for languages and knowing new cultures, Lenny enjoys traveling to new places and taking pictures. She’s been working with since 2011, and has been very happy to help people around the world learn Hebrew.
Yaara Rosenzweig Yaara Rosenzweig Yaara was born and raised in Israel, and has a degree in Literature from Tel Aviv University. Later, she specialized in editing and publishing, then spent several years as a copy editor at some of Israel’s leading magazines before moving to Japan in 2014. She is fluent in both Hebrew and English, and is currently in the process of trying to add Japanese to that list. A confessed feline fanatic, she lobbies to increase the presence of cats in the home, the office, and all public spaces.
Idit Greenberg Idit Greenberg Idit was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. She is fluent in Hebrew and English and has some conversational skills in both French and Japanese. She got her B.A in Literature and Philosophy from Tel-Aviv University, and then continued to studying advertising and copywriting. In addition to owning a beautiful Golden Retriever named Sawyer, Idit likes playing with makeup and skincare, singing, and is also an avid boxer and Thai-style boxer with a few years of experience.
David Diamond David Diamond David is a freelance writer, translator, editor, and language teacher. Having grown up as a bilingual English and Hebrew speaker, he loves working with languages as an adult. He is passionate about each language’s unique character and loves to share his knowledge with anyone who wants to learn a new language. David lives in Mexico with his wife and son. His son is growing up trilingual and his dog responds to Hebrew commands (when he feels like obeying, that is).
Tal Segal Tal Segal Tal was born and raised in Israel in the city of Netanya. His love for Japanese music has resulted in a deep interest in Japan, where he now currently works and resides. Holding a BA in East Asian Studiese from Tel Aviv University, his hobbies include going to karaoke and finding new places to eat good food and sweets. He finds pleasure helping and supporting everyone who wishes to learn the Hebrew language, so he is glad to be a part of the HebrewPod101 team, where he creates content and supports students via the MyTeacher service.