HebrewPod101 All About Curriculum 

In this set of 15 lessons, you will learn all about Israeli and Jewish culture and society. These lessons are entirely in English and are for those who want to learn more about the Hebrew language and in-depth information about the communities where it is spoken.

ALL ABOUT Title/Topic Function Summary
#1 The Top Five Reasons to Learn Hebrew Talking about Israel and the Hebrew language Background of the Hebrew Language, About Israel, Where Is Hebrew Spoken? Hebrew Writing
#2 Cracking the Hebrew Writing System Understanding the Hebrew Writing System The Hebrew writing system and alphabet
#3 Painless Hebrew Grammar Understanding the characteristics of Hebrew Grammar Basic Hebrew Grammar, Gender, Articles, Plurals of Nouns, The Plural Definite Article, Pronouns, Conjugation, Unique Aspect of Language, Adjectives
#4 Hebrew Pronunciation Made Easy Understanding the characteristics of Hebrew Pronunciation Hebrew Vowels and Consonants, Consonant Groups, Hebrew Sounds that are Different from Other Languages
#5 Basic Hebrew – Top Five Important Phrases for Learning Hebrew Using the top 5 must-know phrases in Hebrew :Top 5 Hewbrew Phrases
Shalom (לום)
Toda (תודה)
Be-vakashah (בבקשה)
Ani lo mevin (מבין לא אני)
slichah (סליחה)
#6 Can You Answer These Five Questions About Israel? Testing yourself on Israel 5 quiz questions testing your knowledge on Israel
#7 Top Five Israeli Foods Talking about famous Hebrew dishes Hebrew cuisine: typical dishes, regional dishes, seasonal dishes, table etiquette
#8 Top Five Things You Need to Know About Israeli Society!

Talking about daily life and society in Israel Life in Israel: Major Cities and How they Work, Family Life, Work, Culture, and Economy, Politics, Generational Trends
#9 The Top Five Important Dates During the Israeli Calendar Year! Talking about important holidays Important Hebrew Holidays:
5. Sukkot
4. Rosh ha-Shanah
3. Yom Kippur
2. Pesach
1. Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha'atzmaout
#10 Top Five Hebrew Pop Culture Things/Icons You Need to Know About! Talking about Hebrew pop culture Pop Culture in Israel: Music, Movies, Television, Celebrities, Sports Figures
#11 Top Five Tools for Learning Hebrew! Using the top 5 tools to help you learn Hebrew Top 5 Useful Tools for Learning Hebrew:
1. Hebrew Dictionary
2. Online Dictionary
3. Hebrew Grammar Reference
4. Flashcards
5. Audio and Visual
#12 Top Five Hebrew Classroom Phrases Using useful Hebrew phrases in the classroom 1. אפשר לחזור על זה?
2. איך אומרים… בעברית?
3. אפשר לשאול…
4. אני לא מבין\מבינה.
5. אפשר לחזור על זה לאט יותר.
#13 Five Phrases Your Hebrew Teacher Might Never Teach You

Using Hebrew phrases you won't learn in the classroom Top 5 Phrases Your Teacher Will Never Teach You
חבל על הזמן
אתה דפוק
סוף הדרך
על הפנים
#14 Five Most Common Mistakes People Make in Hebrew Avoiding common mistakes in Hebrew Top 5 Common Mistakes in Hebrew:
1. Noun and adjective agreement
2. Use of definite article with adjective
3. Number agreement
4. Verb conjugation in the first and second person
5. Pronunciation of guttural letters
#15 Top Five Pet Phrases Using the hosts' favorite Hebrew phrases HebrewPod101's Favorite Phrases in Hebrew:
?אפשר לבקש ממך משהו (Can I request something from you?)
.אין בעיה (.No problem)
?איפה השירותים (?Where is the toilet)
!בוא נלך (!Let's go)
?באמת (?really)