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Sunday at 06:30 PM
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Hey listeners! Are there any words you didn't know before getting this list? Write them down here!

Tuesday at 10:14 PM
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Hi Shelley and Jeannet,

Thanks for commenting!


Top: העפיפון נחת על החלק העליון של השער - the kite landed on the top (part) of the gate

Good work on your phrases! 👍


- make sure to distinguish between ה and ח - you confuse them often (חלחה -> הלכה)

- was facing - here: עמדה מול

- stood - עמד


You're correct - the romanization should have been 'Chaver sheli oved ba`makolet be`pinat ha`rekhov.'

Both "בתוך" and "בפנים" mean "inside", the usage is depending on context and location. However, in order to say "x is inside y" we will use בתוך, not בפנים.

Happy to assist, please let me know if something isn't clear yet.



Team HebrewPod101.com

Jeannet Benschop
Monday at 10:36 PM
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Shalom! Is there a difference between 'betoch' and 'p'nim'?

Jeannet Benschop
Monday at 10:33 PM
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Shalom! Just noticed a small thing in the romanization:

חבר שלי עובד במכולת בפינת הרחוב.

khaver sheli oved ba`makolet be`pint ha`rekhov.

'Be'pint' should be 'be'pinat' according to the audio

Sunday at 12:25 PM
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Shalom, the audio for Toward" doesn't match the written hebrew word. Are both correct for toward?

Sunday at 12:13 PM
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Roi would you please provide a sentence using top "chelek elyon" Thank you.

She walked toward the dog. היא חלחה לעבר את הכלב

The flag was flying above the tent הדגל טס מעל האוהל

She was facing her father. היא חיה פונה אל האב שלה

He stood beside the bed. הוא אמד לצד של המיטה